A Creature of Habit


If you have a way to change your normal routine then do it. The experience has been a good way for me to reset and focus more on the present.

A couple months ago I started to feel like a revolving door. (a big silver metal one from NYC) I woke up at 6:00 and worked until 3:30. At 3:30 I attended my CrossFit classes until 5:30. I went home and cooked food for the next couple of days. I caught up on last minute things and slept. I am a creature of habit. I have a simple life. My routine started to get to me. I felt less productive even though my schedule was from one thing to the next. I didn't look forward to anything and I felt like I was just living. I wanted to change my mood and I started looking for advice online. I found out that making a change to a routine is one way to improve a mood.

As I changed my routine I felt a little off. I picked different activities over my normal ones. I said yes to a lot of things I'd normally say no to. I felt that I was doing something wrong.

I eventually adapted and I found out that I connected to more people. I was able to explore new opportunities. The changes helped my mood substantially. I started with a hike before CrossFit. (I like rocks) The next thing I did was leave my phone in my car during my eight hour work day. The change doesn't need to be drastic or expensive. I decided to read 15 minutes before sleeping because I heard it was a good idea. I have a mind that likes to think about everything before I fall asleep. (Is Pluto a real planet after all?) Reading the book stopped me from thinking about my day or the next three. It helped me relax and fall asleep because reading put my mind in another place.

Last weekend I went to test for LAPD. Instead of going straight home or eating in my car listening to emo music. (Huge hobby of mine) I decided to visit a close friend (Dean Courtois) and stay in the present. (Thanks Yoga) I was able to relax and photograph Santa Monica. (They turned out amazing see in blog)

Today, I'm still in a routine. I'll always be a creature of habit (Thanks Army) but when the opportunity presents itself I change it around.  If you kind of feel like you're stuck in a rut maybe you should have a go at it too. Do something different and see what happens. You might end up surprising yourself like I did.

 "I wish that the current would carry me home I've been running for a decade now And I think I'm ready to go Oh, I'm ready to go." - The Wonder Years

"I wish that the current would carry me home
I've been running for a decade now
And I think I'm ready to go
Oh, I'm ready to go." - The Wonder Years


Just enjoying it.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 2.01.20 PM.png

i don't know who i think i thought i was
trying to fix my bike tires, disregard the rust
you know if i'm up late i'm not up to much
you know if i'm up late i'm not up to much. - Kississippi


Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, and this time more more intelligently.
— Henry Ford

Having the ability to bounce back from failure is one hell of a gift to appreciate.


Janyce Okamoto asked me to take images of her for Gym Gypsy and the shoot went spectacular. Janyce and I wanted to get out of the gym. We focused on styling and creating a bright but simple look.  The location we used worked out perfectly. Gym Gypsy, Janyce, and I  are happy with the outcome. I'm excited to continue my relationship with Gym Gypsy. Thank you Janyce for giving me the opportunity to work with you again.