2k time trial

I stopped into Santa Barbara Strength yesterday. The athletes were doing a 2k row time trial. If you aren't familiar with a 2k row. It is just the right distance to have a love hate relationship with yourself. I did it the other week and I hit 7:10. My PR time is 7:00 flat. I haven't been able to get any faster. I don't really have the urge to either ha.

Santa Barbara Strength

I'm happy with my fitness lately. I train for an hour before the evening workout at CrossFit Santa Barbara. Normally that hour murders my soul and the second workout finishes whatever is left of it. The time I spend there I feel satisfied with my goals and they are met. I have competitions coming up in both January and February. 

I've also been box hopping a bit. I like the CrossFit community in Santa Barbara County a lot. I haven't hit CrossFit Carpinteria in awhile but I am capturing CrossFit Boathouse this week. The box had it's official opening this October. It's been a welcoming experience and I found out I like the skylights. If you see me laying down there...don't mind me lol. That is about all I do there.

CrossFit Boathouse