Janyce Okamoto

My approach was to slow down. I had a model that needed to be comfortable in front of the camera. Janyce and I know each other from the gym. We do burpees together. I knew I had that connection. Still I know it can be difficult to have a camera in your face. Keeping her warm and comfortable was my priority. I chipped away at my location. When I was satisfied with what I captured...I moved on to the next idea.

My mind kept switching from what I wanted to what I felt my client would like. I also only took about 150-200 frames which is not a lot for me. I looked at histogram a ton too and not really the image. I hope it's some type of break through. I bet it was from all my iPhone photos lately. (seriously)

Loved how everything turned out. Thanks Brady Stephenson for assisting me during my shoot.


Follow her training and pick her brain. She knows a ton of great information =]
Insta:  Janyce


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