200 RVL Videos

I have been editing 200 RVL videos while I listen to an acoustic set by Shane Todd. I have my traffic enforcement interview in 15 days. I don't really want to cut my hair for the interview. I don't want to shop for another suit but I DO want those damn Calvin Klein dress shoes LOL. I have two photo sessions at the end of April. I'm going to try a couple new styles of portrait photography as soon as I finish the remaining videos. The Pre-production needs to be good though. I am thinking about a possible rebrand because I'm slightly over this CrossFit fitness stuff. It doesn't really challenge me anymore...if that makes sense? I need to stop being a bitch and head into a more fashion-oriented type of work. I should have been doing this a long time ago. I conjure up too many excuses for myself and that's why I never make it anywhere. (I'm glad we are identifying the problem, <--- Why did it tell me to put a comma there? Aaron.)    

My life is fine and my job is good. CrossFit is CrossFit and I'm surviving. 

I honestly believe that if I keep listening to acoustic music by these two artists I will pick up my fathers Taylor that is in my room lol.