A statement or account that makes something clear

I switched again

I wanted to switch CrossFit affiliates because I wasn't happy mentally or physically with myself at that affiliate. The switch had nothing to do with the members or the staff. I felt stressed and that I couldn't get a breath of fresh air there.

Since the switch I am far less stressed and I really enjoying being a general fitness athlete. I achieve seven hours of sleep and a much better warm up. The programming at the new affiliate makes me happy. After the group classes there is enough space to where I can continue my extra programming if I wish. This isn't my first rodeo. I have switched affiliates in Santa Barbara County a lot. Every time I do I keep learning as an athlete. I learn new techniques and establish more relationships. We have so many good people in our community I'm surprised the affiliates don't come together more.

Charleston South Carolina

I've been away from my family so long that it hurts. It's been ten years and I'm just really tired of being away from them.

Santa Barbara is great and I love it. I tried to make it home but I can't really see myself staying here. For starters I can't buy a house or come close. I love my job and I would stay with the company if I could make a little more. Unfortunately that isn't an option and I should have tried harder in school or the service. One of the two. I could try for more law enforcement but guys believe me when I say I've tried lol. I just keep fucking things up and I don't want it enough.

I will hang out here for an entire year and pack up my things and leave. A lot can change in a year but that is the plan. I may have jumped the gun a little bit my Facebook feed blew up. Sorry friends <3 I actually deleted it.


I'm surviving lol.