Astronomy on Tap


I was classified as a troublemaker in elementary school. I believed I was being a normal little hell raiser but my teachers saw it the other way. In the third grade my teacher Miss Coghlin (I’ll never forget her name) handed out an assignment. Each table (9) was given a planet to write about. Well Aaron sat away from all the tables in school because he was such a hellraiser. The teacher decided to give me all nine of the planets to do research on. Sure as shit I started to really like Astronomy and stay up to date with what is going on in space. It’s a little secret I try keeping to myself.

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Santa Barbara has a group called Astronomy on Tap and they give a presentations at the bar (Like the photo) Being the nerds we are Tara and I decided to attend one of the events and we had a fun night.

We heard from Emanuele Paolo from UCSB on How to wake up a monster. He talked about Supermassive black holes, galaxy crashes. Tim Lister on New Horizons: Pluto to Ultima Thule. Tim Lister is apart of Las Cumbres Observatory in Santa Barbara too.

I added them as a group on my Facebook page and decided I’ll keep attending when I can.


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