I'm okay

I'm in a little bit of a funk but I'll be okay. It feels like I have a lot of pressure on my chest that I can't lift off (I'm not very good at the bench press) <-- That was a joke. 

 I'll feel better in a couple of days.


I'm right where I need to be


Don't feel alarmed and please contact me about inquires. I fall apart when I don't photograph. I can still provide the best service available. I relocated about 20 miles away and trying to settle myself. If you need a tour of my work please click on the Instagram Icon to the left.

- Aaron

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Photo Sep 22, 20 06 29.jpg

Cause I don’t care about the scars I wear them out so proud, so proud
So give me something that’s not on my list, failure to free air
the original, I’m not breathing now. with no help. - Early November

Batter up

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"Spin around now
Can you hear me?
Am I still buzzing in my sleep?
What does it feel like to shine between everything?

It's never going to stop
Batter up
Give me your best shot
Batter up." Brand New