Bless those tired eyes

One day they're there and the next they aren't. They vanish, life continues and you forget. I think I'm one of those types of people that have a hard time forgetting.  I think too much.

I don't know.

I'm going to stop taking in clients now and focus on other opportunities. I think a decade of photography is enough. I loved what I did and the people I've made happy. As I move forward in my medium it will be personal projects. It hurts but a lot has lately. A little bit of refocusing will do some good.

My eyes ...........they are tired.

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Clem Leek - Behind those tired eyes

Clem Leek - Behind those tired eyes

I'm right where I need to be


Don't feel alarmed and please contact me about inquires. I fall apart when I don't photograph. I can still provide the best service available. I relocated about 20 miles away and trying to settle myself. If you need a tour of my work please click on the Instagram Icon to the left.

- Aaron

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Cause I don’t care about the scars I wear them out so proud, so proud
So give me something that’s not on my list, failure to free air
the original, I’m not breathing now. with no help. - Early November

Batter up

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"Spin around now
Can you hear me?
Am I still buzzing in my sleep?
What does it feel like to shine between everything?

It's never going to stop
Batter up
Give me your best shot
Batter up." Brand New